I'm out of shape and have very little dance experience. I've alway been intimidated by group classes. Is this for me?
YES! No need to be intimidated by any of our classes or instructors. We totally understand that people progress at different rates, have varying degrees of athletic background, and dissimilar body shapes, sizes and ages. Our main goal is to help you move your body and have a great time doing it.  We pride ourselves on being a safe, supportive, and shame-free environment.

I've never taken a pole dance class before. Which class do you recommend I take first?
Intro to Pole is the perfect class for someone with little or no previous pole dance experience. We strongly recommend taking 3 - 5 Intro to Pole classes before taking any other pole related classes.

Can I pay in cash when I get to the studio right before the class starts?
That is a definite possibility as long as there is room in the class for an additional student by the time you arrive. One of the benefits of registering / paying for class in advance (either online or over the phone) is to reserve yourself a spot.
Where should I park?
There is a municipal parking lot directly behind our building that always has plenty of spots. The entrance to this lot is at 125 Court St. Street parking is also available but is harder to find depending on the time of day. The municipal lot requires payment 24/7/365 whereas street meters require payment from 9am-9pm Mon. through Sat. You can park up to 16 hours in the municipal lot whereas you can park for only 1 hour at a time on the street between 9am-6pm and up to 3 hours from 6pm-9pm. Meters accept nickels, dimes and quarters.
Do you have a changing area? How about showers?
We have a changing area. We do not have showers. Non-rental lockers are available for daily use. You must bring your own lock and it must be removed from the locker at the end of your class(es).  Please inquire about locker rentals if you would like to leave personal items for extended periods of time. Please note: we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Why should I bother to "late cancel" if my account is going to be charged anyway?
Late canceling is a courtesy that allows other students who may be wait listed the opportunity to attend class.

What should I wear?
INTRO TO POLE, POLE'OGRAPHY, POLE POTENTIAL, INVERT: We suggest wearing comfortable fitted attire. Bottoms that expose the skin from the top of the knee down are recommended. High heels are great if you have them but are not required in which case you will dance barefoot. Jewelry such as rings and bracelets must be removed.  SKIN SHOULD BE DEVOID OF ANY LOTION.
CHAIR/LAP DANCE: Comfortable attire - skin exposure is unimportant. High heels are great if you have them but are not required in which case you will dance barefoot.
AERIAL FLY GYM: tight fitting clothing is best. Avoid loose or baggy tops and bottoms. Skin exposure is unimportant. Socks or ballet slippers are recommended.
B'WAY CARDIO, BUNS N' GUNS: Comfortable clothing that you would wear to the gym is sufficient. Sneakers are necessary.
FLEXIBILITY, HOOP: Comfortable clothing that you might wear to a yoga class is sufficient. Socks, ballet slippers, or bare feet are fine.

What credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX.